Broadband Wireless Access Internet

With Broadband Wireless Access Internet (BWA; in English, literally ” access without threads to wide band”) they indicate a family of technologies whose scope is that one to supply approached Internet to high speed and wireless on great areas. The term broadband (wide band) must second agree the definition supplied from the standard IEEE 802,16-2004, that it implies a advanced bandwidth to 1 MHz that supports a traffic given dell’ order of 1.5 Mbps.

These dimensionings render comparable l’ efficiency of the BWA to that one dell’ access to wide band via fixed net, as an example through ADSL. A provider that it supplies approached Internet through technologies BWA it comes said WISP. The majority of the active WISP in the world uses repeaters radius that make available mark them till approximately 50 km of distance.

The used technologies in order to supply the BWA include LMDS, MMDS and WiMAX; quest’ last it is diffused in Europe, while it has greater difficulties to penetrate in the American market. According to the employed technologies, l’ access to Internet can demand l’ installation of an antenna or simply l’ use of I telephone cellular connected to the computer.